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Through our new mobile app you can view promotions, rental sizing, service calendar, pay your bill and access our new “Where’s That Go” feature. This new feature will help you quickly and easily look up house hold items and inform you if they are trash, compostable or recyclable. We are also offering a new notification system within the app that will allow us to notify you of up to the minute scheduling changes due to weather, remind customers of holiday schedules, special promotions and more.

    Where’s That Go

    Have you ever wondered how to dispose of an item and not known where to look? Well now you can just look it up in the Where’s That go section. This is a section to help educate and teach responsible disposal. All you have enter the type of item or keyword and it will look it up for you. Once you find the item you’re looking for you select it for the disposal information.

    Rental Sizing

    We get asked all the time whether a dumpster will fit in a driveway. Well now you can visit the rental sizing section to see pictures of our containers in a driveway as well as dimension.

    FAQ Section

    In the FAQ section you will be able to find answers to the most commonly asked questions in regards to your trash and recycling needs.

    Service Calendar

    In the service calendar section you will be able to see if it is a shaded or a non-shaded service week and if we are observing any holidays during that month. You will also be able to see when All Waste Inc., is hosting or attending events.

    Contact Us

    In the contact us section you can fill out a form and submit it to our customer service department. This can be used to request temporary dumpster rental information, service issues or general questions.

    Bill Pay

    In the bill pay section you can pay your bill. If you don’t have an online bill account setup yet, please visit that section to set one up.


    Throughout the year we will offer promotions for different services and you will find them here. When a new promotion comes out, we will push them out through the App for your convenience. There will even be App exclusive promotions!

    News Page

    Have you wondered what is happening at All Waste Inc.? Well you will now be able to find out by visiting this section. We will post about upcoming events, new equipment, and much more.


    We will push out notification when needed to keep you informed. They may be for promotions, service delays due to weather, reminder for an upcoming holiday or a special event.

This is just the beginning. There is much more to come with this App.

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