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Safe Driver of The Year Awards Feb 17th, 2017

All Waste, Inc. continues to emphasize safety as a priority above all else in our daily operations. Our safety record over-shadows that of our competition and to the credit of all our drivers, continues to improve. All Waste, Inc. has established a very strict and specific criteria to qualify our employees for the Safe Driver of the Year Award. Based on that criteria we are proud to announce that we have twenty individuals that had an exceptional safety record for 2016. We also have three individuals that have been nominated, and have advanced to the final round of considerations, for the National Waste and Recycling Association’s Safe Driver of the Year competition.
Brian Bacote
1st time recipient
Derrick Belin
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 NWRA nominee and 8 time consecutive recipient
Jonathan Bump
5 time recipient, 2 time consecutive recipient
Fredric Buttram
4 time recipient, 2 time consecutive recipient
Christopher Ciszek
3 time recipient
Andrzej Czekaj
2014 NWRA Award Winner and 9 time consecutive recipient
Steve Dube
3 time recipient, 2 time consecutive recipient
John Griffin
4 time consecutive recipient and 2016 NWRA nominee
Joseph Lallier
7 time recipient, 3 time consecutive recipient
Edward Lallier
7 time recipient, 5 time consecutive recipient and 2015 NWRA nominee
Paul Merry
6 time recipient
Tom Miksa
5 time recipient
Alvaro Mora
6 time consecutive recipient and 2014, 2015, 2016 NWRA nominee
Peter Peila Jr.
6 time recipient and 2014 NWRA nominee
John Rowley Sr
1st time recipient
Victor Rivera
3 time recipient, 2 time consecutive recipient
Timothy Shettleworth
1st time recipient
Richard Syc
3 time recipient
Rich Weston
2 time recipient
Brian Wilson
5 time recipient
Your diligence, awareness, and continued focus on safe equipment operation have earned you this award and title. Thank you for your continued dedication to ensuring your job and the jobs of those you encounter are done safely each and every day.

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