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Anything hazardous: gas, anti freeze, car batteries, computer monitors, fluorescent lighting
All containers sizes are measured in cubic volume. Temporary rental container sizes: 4yd, 6yd, 15yd, 20yd and 30yd
Call our office and one of our representatives can take your container order.
Yes. We currently work with contractors and recycle using the LEED Program.
The rental period is 2 weeks, after the 2 weeks it is then $5 a day for rental.
Depending on the container size, we can legally hold up to 15 tons.
Yes, it must be liquid level and not go over the top.
We request you to be there for the delivery only; not for the removal.
We accept check or money order to the driver or Visa, MasterCard or Discover over the phone when you place the order.
The temporary containers are priced by size. The price includes delivery, removal and disposal up to a certain amount of tons depending on the size of the container you order.
The most common area for delivery for residential homes is in the driveway. However, we can place containers in other areas provided the customer signs a liability release on delivery.
We need one to two days notice for delivery.
We charge extra for mattresses, box springs, tires and any item containing Freon.
We do everything in our power to avoid any damage to your yard and/or driveway. You may want to provide wood to put under the container on your driveway.
Yes, our driver will have a liability waiver for you to sign on delivery.
Call our office before your scheduled delivery time if you need to change or cancel an order.
Call our office and we can make arrangements to switch the container size for a minimal fee.
Call our office and we will do our best to accommodate emergency deliveries.
Call our office and speak to one of our representatives and we can schedule service for your temporary container.
When you order a container, the price includes a certain amount of weight. If your contents exceed the weight included in your delivery price, we pro rate based on the per ton rate.
We need at least 10 ft in width to get into a space for delivery. The 15yd container is approximately the size of a parking stall in a parking lot, the footprint of a 20yd and 30yd is about the size of a one car garage.
With the implementation of high-tech sorting devices, all paper products and glass/metal/plastic food/household cleaner containers can be placed into the same recycling container. They no longer need to be separated or bundled – the sorting machine does that.
See our interactive map for the towns we service and the particular lines of business in each town.
Call our office and one of our Customer Service Representatives can arrange for new or additional equipment.
Check our web site or call our office during the last week of December for the Christmas tree pick-up schedule in the towns that we provide this service.
Each day our trucks start very early in the morning. We strongly suggest that you put your containers out the night before to allow for any changes in the time our trucks are in your neighborhood. The time of service may vary from pickup to pickup as our routes are heavily influenced by traffic delays, disposal site waiting time, and other customer special needs.
Always try to put your trash and recycling out the night before your scheduled pick up date. You may follow our schedule on Facebook or Twitter for storm updates, holiday updates etc.
Go to our website (www.allwaste.com). Click on Pay Online, enter email address and password chosen when account was set up originally, and you will be able to access your account information.
Call our office (860-724-4575) and ask for a Customer Service Representative – we would be happy to set up automatic payments from a checking account or credit card.
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